CRX framework project start about 10 years ago in 2008, the main idea was to develop cms engine and after few years server software like rewrite 'dxspider' to exchange data with p2p (and add node encryption).

Initialy it was working with PHP4, 5 and now 7. 

The framework provide a nice SQL generator engine and object abstraction for DB call. It work well in MVC mode with module PHP.

It also provide so dedicated radioamator librairies and also geo libs that use inside CRX-11M and CRX-HAM project. So this framework is write for ham radio first and to build webapp faster. 

CRX framework can be instanciate in script mode or in web mode, it load and use different method for theses modes and also reduce memory footprint for script based app. 

CRX framework is also used with CRX-CMS witch a PHP CMS who run sites : CRX-HAM and CRX-11M

Documentation can be found here ( it's exist since 10/2018, so it's only a draft for the moment ) :

Code source is hosted on GIT and repository is here :